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Gobstopper – Jawbreaker Candy Sweets

The only criticism you can ever have about sweets is that they never last as long as you hoped they would! Luckily, if you’ve ever had the luck to try some jawbreaker candy sweets – you’ll know that it’ll probably last you longer than you expect!

Jawbreakers – or Gobstoppers as they are often known – originated in the UK with a name that is more than self-explanatory! These hard candies are layered with multiple sugar shells that change taste and colour as you suck on them – and as the name implies, don’t try to bite through them unless you plan on a trip to the dentist!

Buy Gobstopper Candy and Jawbreakers with Free UK Delivery

We stock a range of flavoured jawbreakers from confectioners Zed Candy, providing you with a choice of blue raspberry, tropical, and many more – we even stock a jawbreaker lollipop!

So if you’re looking for a sweet that will last you all day, why not treat yourself to some of our gobstopper candy?

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