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Bon Bons – Bon Bon Sweets, Fruit, Traditional

One of the oldest traditional sweets still being sold, the bonbon originated in France almost 400 years ago and is just as popular today amongst confectionary fans as it was back then. After all, who can resist the tangy, sweet powder that gives way to a chewy, fruity centre?

Our range of bon bons come from two of the world’s most famous confectioners – Bristows and Kingsway – ensuring our customers always come back for more.

Fruit Bon Bons & Traditional Bon Bon Candy with Free UK Delivery

We stock a range of bon bon flavours here at the Online Sweet Store including apple, blackcurrant, blue raspberry, and even Vimto! And don’t forget, you can order with confidence from us thanks to our no-quibbles return policy.

So, if you can’t get the idea of sinking your teeth in a juicy selection of traditional fruit bon bons, why not order some today and enjoy free delivery with the UK.

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