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Sherbet – Sherbet Fountain, Dip Candy & Sweets

Anyone who grew up in the UK is more than likely to have enjoyed the wonderful tangy taste of sherbet as a child. And let’s be honest, anyone who gets the chance to enjoy a sherbet fountain, flying saucers, or dib dab is sure to do so at a moments’ notice.

Here at the Online Sweet Store, we always try to offer a broad selection of sherbet sweets to satisfy all of our customers – but if there’s something particular that you’re after, why not send us an email?

Liquorice Sherbet Dip and Sweets with free UK Delivery

Sherbet has been a mainstay of the British confectionary scene for almost a century – gaining popularity with school children in the years between the World Wars. It’s popularity, however, continues to this day thanks to the success of traditional sweet companies who continue to supply their fans with the same treats they enjoyed when they were a child.

So, if you’re in the mood for something traditional but a little rare, why not treat yourself to sweet, tangy sherbet?


Dip Dab



Sherbet Tubs



Rainbow Dust



Double Dip

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